Broken Capillaries or Spider Veins

Broken capillaries and spider veins   are enlarged and tortuous  vessels that occur just beneath the surface of the skin. These are  are commonly found on the face or legs, though they may appear anywhere on the body. These do not cause any problems however many are bothered by their appearance.

Cause: These may be caused due to a genetic predisposition, Sun exposure, weather and  pressure changes, certain chemicals and pollutants,  alcohol abuse,  Rosacea and  trauma.

Treatment:  At Femesthetics we offer –Sclerotherapy, Laser and IPL treatments, products to help protect your skin  as well as education on prevention.

Retinoids: these help improve skin health and make the vessels less visible.

They may however, also cause the skin to become dry, red  and flaky.

Sclerotherapy –Involves injecting a sclerosing material  into the vessel causing it to  seal, shrink and disappear in a short  few weeks. The procedure may cause some discomfort however this is short-lived.

Laser treatment: This uses laser light to destroy the small vessels. The procedure is very effective however several sessions may be needed.

Intense pulsed  light: This is not a true laser but works similarly. 


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