Skin Laxity, Facial Sagging, Double chin, Jowls

FemEsthetics offers a highly effective  non surgical face lift ideal for patients with moderate skin laxity on the forehead, cheeks, jowls,  neck and other areas of the body. PDO thread lifting   stimulates skin tightening and regeneration. The threads lift and tightens from within, resulting in a youthful, more toned appearance of the face and neck.

A  single  treatment  can produce dramatic and immediate lifting results, and over time it increases the production of natural collagen beneath the skin’s surface. Bothered by “marionette” lines, hooded brows or the beginnings of a sagging jawline, but don’t want the risk or downtime of surgery? Think of PDO thread lift  as a non invasive face lift that can help you achieve a fresher look. There is no downtime involved and the restorative effects  are progressive, as collagen continues to remodel three months after the treatment.

A double chin, or  submental fat, is a common condition that occurs when a layer of fat forms below your chin.   Often associated with weight gain, although it can also be related to a genetic predisposition.

Eating healthy,  losing weight and certain exercises  may reduce it significantly or even eliminate it. Other options include mesotherapy and submental  liposuction both available at our office.

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