Scars and Uneven Skin Texture

Everyone wants a dewy, glowing skin  that radiates good health.  Dry patches, acne scars and large pores can give skin a coarse, rough appearance. Improve skin texture with treatments that lift and tighten delicate tissue as they combat signs of aging and sun damage.

Today’s non-invasive treatments are often used in combinations and can transform a dull skin by addressing  shallow scars and uneven skin texture. PRP,  growth factors and other  substances are added to boost the results.

Want a flawless, photo-ready look without major downtime? We have several treatments  two  of which are

1:  Micro Needling produces dramatic results by triggering your body’s own collagen production. As dermal layers are repaired and rejuvenated from within, uneven skin texture is markedly improved.

2: Photo-fractional skin resurfacing is another  great solution for “orange peel” texture, acne scars and other issues common to mature skin. This revolutionary treatment is quicker, less painful and just as effective as traditional ablative lasers and can address a wide range of textural problems.

At FemEsthetics   is our pleasure to recommend services and products to improve skin texture and to help you maintain your luminous results. Call today to schedule a consultation

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