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Know Everything about Botox Injection Treatment

Know Everything about Botox Injection Treatment

Date : Know Everything about Botox Injection Treatment

Everyone is aware of the cosmetic treatments available at the esthetic centers in the modern day life. These cosmetic procedures are a scientific way of correcting any complication related to your outer beauty. Everyone wants to look their best and in an attempt to bring this to reality, many cosmetic correction centers have emerged in all parts of the globe. These clinics apply the latest scientific techniques for the correction of skin or hair related issues. The results achieved are quick and visually magical. These treatments render astonishing after effects and give the best value for money.

A wrinkle is an age old factor. You can do nothing to stop it or avoid it completely. You are bound to experience wrinkles as you get into the grip of old age. But you can take good care of your skin as well as administer some tropical medications to fight wrinkles and fine lines. Botox Injection Treatment is the latest trendy thing in the beauty circuit that saves you from the ugly skin wrinkles. Even celebrities swear by this Botox Injection Treatment and this is what makes it a popular choice!

How Does Botox Injection Treatment Work?

Botox Injection Treatment contains a toxin namely botulinum toxin A. Wrinkles are a result of contraction of facial muscles. When we frown or when we laugh, our face muscle contracts giving way to fine lines and wrinkles. These Botox injections are small needles that are pierced at the site of wrinkles and the medication is administered. Botox injection blocks the nerves that cause such contraction of muscles, and thus helps in wrinkle eradication and gives a soft and supple skin.

How Long Does A Botox Injection Treatment Last?

A Botox Injection Treatment lasts from three to six months of time. Then a re-application is needed to maintain the flawless look. But with continuous treatment, the muscles gradually starts shrinking and the fine lines become less severe. The results starts appearing within three to ten days after the treatment and you start seeing a noticeable difference.

Is Botox Injection Treatment Risky?

Botox Injection Treatment is a safe cosmetic procedure and carries minimal risk. Minute complain of headache, pain or flu-related illness may occur. If administered by a trained professional, Botox treatment can be completely safe and sound. Yet it is not advisable to go for such treatment during pregnancy and lactation.

Cost of Botox Injection Treatment

It is advisable to visit an esthetic centre to get the proper price quotation of such treatment. The cost varies according to the treatment intensity, the areas to be treated and the dilution of Botox. The cost somewhere ranges between $8 to $20 a unit.

Fem Esthetics Center

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