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PRP Regenerative Treatment- A Complete Guide! |

PRP Regenerative Treatment- A Complete Guide!

Date : PRP Regenerative Treatment- A Complete Guide!

Science is a blessing and has made many miraculous things possible for human beings. Technology, healthcare and all other departments are benefitted by new inventions and newer ideas. PRP means Platelet-Rich-Plasma and it is a revolutionary medical treatment in itself. Used for both skin and hair beauty treatments, PRP Regenerative Treatment is a popular concept and is much appreciated by the people of all genres. It is conducted at medical centers under strict supervision.

What is PRP Regenerative Treatment?

PRP Regenerative Treatment is a process in which the platelet-rich blood is drawn from a person, processed and then injected back in the affected area. This is a tissue regeneration process where the damaged tissues are injected with platelet-rich blood and newer tissues grow and heal the problem. Platelets help in blood clotting and have regenerative properties. To accelerate the healing of wounds, newer tissues are needed that can make up for the loss of damaged tissues. The platelets-rich blood helps in the regeneration of fresh tissues at a very quick pace and helps to cure the injuries manifold.

Uses of PRP Regenerative Treatment in Cosmetology

PRP Regenerative Treatment has extensive use in dermatology. It can treat acne, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, stretch marks, hair loss (especially in women) and other cosmetic cures. The results and effects are visible after about 20-25 days. The prominent uses of PRP Regenerative Treatment are discussed below

Skin Rejuvenation

The platelet in the blood is the reason for the growth and rejuvenation process in skin treatment. This plasma accelerates tissue re-growth and helps fighting old age and sagging skin. PRP Regenerative Treatment aids collagen growth and helps fight fine wrinkles and signs of aging. Facial treatments through this process are less invasive and so preferred by most of the clients.

Acne Treatment/Scar Reduction

As PRP Regenerative Treatment helps in skin re-growth, it is proven that it fights scars and acne much better than the micro-needling procedure. Quick results and less time-consuming procedure make PRP Regenerative Treatment a popular choice.


Hair loss can shake the confidence in any individual. But worry not friends! PRP Regenerative Treatment can cure your hair loss, hair thinning and bald patches in a better way than most of the hair loss treatments. The platelets carry growth proteins that help re-grow lost hair and arrest hair loss. This procedure works better than other hair growth treatments already existing in the market.

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