Casey Clarke Hyperhidrosis Patient           5

“I thought the excessive sweat and dark color under my arms and on my clothing would never go away.”  I had tried everything for my condition (Hyperhidrosis) and nothing had helped.
I went to see Dr Nita Rana and she explained how Botox could work for me. After our consultation I decided to try it.
Wow, I am super happy with the results  It has been almost 6 months and is still working !
I would highly recommend this procedure and the staff at FemEshthetics. I will see them again I’m sure!

February 19, 2019

Tiffany Henderson          5

I went to see Dr. Rana in July of this year to have a fat injection put into my face. Dr. Rana and her staff were amazing! They were very professional, and did a wonderful job telling me every little detail of the procedure before having it done. I like that this procedure allowed me to have my own fat injected, and the results were almost immediate! I was skeptical during the first week of recovery, but I soon realized that my face was continuing to fill out. I cannot believe the fullness, and youthful lift that has been restored to my face by having this procedure! It’s been almost six months, and I look 10 years younger!

February 4, 2019

Dawn Burdsal          5

Dr. Rana has been my physician for 20 years. Not only is she a brilliant doctor, she is one of the kindest, most compassionate people I know. She truly cares about her patients, so I completely trust her opinion and her advice. Dr. Rana mentioned to me that she would be offering a new procedure, called Geneveve by Viveve, for her patients who suffer from urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity. I am 48 years old, I have 3 children, and like many women, I suffered from slight leakage during exercise, and when I coughed or sneezed. These factors, Dr. Rana told me, made me a great candidate for Geneveve. I had the Geneveve procedure done in Dr. Rana’s office six weeks ago. The procedure was completely painless, there was absolutely no downtime and it only took 30 minutes. Just a few weeks after the procedure I was jumping on a trampoline with my grandchildren! I highly recommend Geneveve to women suffering from urinary incontinence.

January 4, 2019