Learn What is Chemical Peel Treatment: Procedure & Precautions

Date : October 17, 2019 Learn What is Chemical Peel Treatment: Procedure & Precautions

Chemical Peel Treatment is a skin correction method that has gained huge popularity in urban society. Here the cosmetic centre applies certain chemicals on your skin area and the epidermal layer it is peeled off in due course of time. Younger looking fresher skin emerges, giving you the young appearance that you wanted to recreate. Chemical Peel Treatment can be done on the exposed parts of your body like face, hand, and neck. The purposes of opting for Chemical Peel Treatment are:

  • Get younger blemish-free skin tone
  • Reversing the suntan and sun damage
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles on the face and hands
  • Improving uneven skin tone
  • Treating pimples and acne
  • Any accidental scars or birthmark can be improved with chemical peels.

Chemical Peel Treatment is a sensitive treatment that involves the use of acidic chemicals on your skin. Not everyone needs Chemical Peel Treatment. Your dermatologist can give the best advice whether you are a suitable candidate for such treatment or not!

Procedure of Chemical Peel Treatment

Chemical Peel Treatment can be carried out mildly or the cosmetologist may advise deeper chemical peels depending on your skin condition. You generally do not need to stay overnight for such treatment. Your skin is first cleaned and prepared for chemical applications. Solutions such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, etc are applied in small dabbing patches to your skin. You may experience mild irritation and burning sensation in the beginning but it will ease down with time. Deeper peel treatment calls in for oral pain killers and other medications.

Peeling starts after about 48-72 hours from the treatment and continues for about a week. Deeper treatments may result in blister formation and have aggressive peeling but that is completely safe if the medications are taken up timely. This treatment needs regularly repeated touch ups (after about a month for milder peels and after about 6 months for deep peel treatments) till you get the desired skin aura that you want.

Precautions after Chemical Peel Treatment

This is a chemical treatment and you need to follow certain precautionary measures to ensure a safe and sound recovery.

  1. Always consult a dermatologist before deciding to get such treatment
  2. Keep washing your face or the treated area frequently with cold water to ease the peeling period and to calm down skin irritation, if any.
  3. Moisturize properly and take care of your skin.
  4. Hydration is important and so drink plenty of water after Chemical Peel Treatment
  5. Avoid going out in the sun and use a good quality sunscreen with SPF 30 or more.
  6. Do not scrub or rub your skin vigorously.
  7. Sauna or steam bath is not advisable for a few days after the Chemical Peel Treatment
  8. Do not try to peel the dead skin forcefully. Let it take place on its own.

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